Hello, my name is Adam Miller!


     I am an industrial designer with an eye for well proportioned aesthetics, a knowledge of manufacturing  and mechanics, and an intrinsic understanding of how experiences, brand and objects can forge emotional connections. Since graduating from Pratt Institute, I have been living in the Los Angeles area, acting as a bridge between end users and final concepts, and seeing products through from inspiration and research, to development to final production and market release. While I am currently working full time, I am looking to bring my talents to a new environment and new team- to lead, learn and create. 


     As the lead designer + Engineer at TATSoul, I have brought tattoo supplies from concept to development, through manufacturing to market. I have developed next generation tattoo machines, power supplies, grips, furniture, and industry-specific soft goods. Through these new products, and with the design + graphics team, we drove a new branding aesthetic for the company. We refined the look of our products to appeal to the modern, "realism" artists, as well as the "old school" traditional artists. 


     In 2013 I launched a kickstarter project, ChargeCard. My co-creator and I Identified the all too common desperation caused by a dead phone, and the everyday carry items that could be used to alleviate this modern problem. We concepted, developed, launched and produced the ChargeCard: a jumper cable for your phone that lives in your wallet. With kickstarter funding in place, we were able to move from prototypes to production units, with the first batches being produced in Anaheim, CA.


     For the last 3 years, I have worked with Nabi/Mattel, designing technology for kids and families - from tablets made to be shared, to connected smart-home baby monitors. 

Launching a flying dragon model for a short film